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How to Purchase

We offer secure online ordering and payment through Square.

Ask about our Pay-As-It-Grows plan. By reserving your beef in advance, you help us keep our family ranch running smoothly. At reservation, we will estimate the delivery time and make sure you get the right quantity of beef to fit your family freezer and family budget.

100% Grass-Fed Beef

These calves never ever receive any grains and are raised on fresh grasses their entire lives. This beef is reserved in the late summer for early winter harvest and delivery.
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Pasture Raised Beef

Our most popular beef! These calves are raised on pasture with <2% grains offered to them. This Pasture Raised Beef is a great balance to Flavor, Tenderness and Health; both to the cattle and people! Pasture Raised Beef is available summer and fall.
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CowPuncher Beef CSA

If you don’t have a deep freeze & still want to enjoy every cut of beef, this is for you!
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