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Beef CSA

CowPuncher Program
~ a Beef CSA

Support our Ranch & fill your freezer with Healthy.HAPPY.Beef

First, what IS a CowPuncher?  ~The dictionary defines it simply as a Cowboy.

To us a CowPuncher
  • Ranch Supporter
  • Spectator to Behind the scene activities
  • Receives Monthly Beef
  • Friend to the Ranch

Many of you have asked for a Beef CSA, or a way for you to fill your little refrigerator/freezer with beef each month.  So… Here We Go!

~Delivery to Midwest Acupuncture & the East Village in Des Moines each month
~You don’t need a deep freeze to fit all your beef!
*~*You will also get special access to Ranch work & activities like cattle drives!

Several Sized Options to fit your family
Full CowPuncher – 10  pounds/ Month $100 per box
Tiny CowPuncher – 5 pounds/ month   $55

Each CowPuncher Box will include a variety of cuts.  We select cuts seasonally.  So, you will get more steaks in the summer & Roasts in the winter.  You will always have some Ground Beef in your CowPuncher Box

Email or Call Shanen to sign up for the next CowPuncher delivery in December. or 515-971-8462