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Springtime on the Ranch

Spring is in the air!  This time of year is enjoyed checking cows & finding new baby calves.  Each time we pray for a heifer calf & do a HappyHeiferDance when we find a little girl.  Don’t get me wrong, healthy little bull calves are celebrated.  But, heifers usually stay forever & bulls are sold or become beef.  So, I’m delighted when I find a new little heifer that I will most likely get to LOVE for 15+ years on our ranch.

I post tons of daily pictures to our FaceBook Page!  You should check it out & enjoy the moment to moment RanchLife Action.

This Saturday May 2 is the first Downtown Des Moines Farmer’s Market!!  Stop by & see us at the East End of Court.

Shanen ~ Momma to the MamaCows at the ECC