Eating Beef can HEAL your body! ~Shanen's Story

In 2007 I was planning a natural delivery with my 3rd child, simple right!

Well, Beau wears a 7 1/2 inch hat.  And each child has been a little bigger than the last.  But, it's my third, I'm an old cow at this point. ~Yes, ALL the bovine comparisons have been made.

12 hours into labor and still no baby.

His heart was in distress & my midwife brought in the Dr to consult.

After much distress, (and more cow comparisons) we were sent for an emergency C-Section.

The surgery was performed & Wyatt was doing ok.

However, no one was leaving me to go to the baby.

The Surgeon was muttering and even cursed wondering "where all the blood was coming from" 

The anesteologist stood up and then yelled, to get 4 units of blood asap!

Beau was standing and watching over the curtain while they worked on me, because the Dr muttered a curse word. Apparently they had all of my innards on the outside searching for the bleeder.

After much hustle & bustle, I was finally put back together.  The blood didn't arrive, and they told me I would need to have a transfusion in my room.

I was very weak & pale.  I had lost at least 2 units of blood.  Wyatt was healthy & I survived.  I preferred not to have a transfusion.

So, my midwife, husband & I made a plan!

Nutrition would save me & replenish the iron I lost in blood!

BEEF!!! Healthy.HAPPY.Beef would be the answer!

I ate beef for 3 meals every day!  I ate liver (ewww) every day.

I nursed my son and rested as much as I could.  

At our 5 day checkup, we both received excellent reviews, the Dr said keep up the great work!!  I've never seen an iron level come up this fast!

So, we continued to cook BEEF in Cast Iron every day!

After 2 weeks I had gained from and 8 to a 10 in my iron levels!

At 4 weeks I was back to an 11.5!  

Healthy.HAPPY.Beef can and will repair your body to health!!

~Shanen -Mama to the MommaCows at the ECC Ranch

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