Our Story

We are a family operated ranch located outside of Kellerton, Iowa. Beau’s family raised Maine’s since the 1970s, and he and Shanen started their operation in 1998 with the purchase of ten cows. What started then has grown into a family affair, and Adelyda, Jolene and Wyatt have grown up in the beef industry.

We have around 150 mother cows.  We raise Maine-Anjou cattle.  Maine's were originally developed in the Maine and Anjou river valleys of France.  They are prized for being great mothers and their superior beef.

We raise Grass Fed Beef. All of our calves are born on our farm and raised with the highest quality care. Our 100% Grass Fed Beef is raised on pasture their entire lives. They are born in the fall, so they spend their first winter on the cow and are harvested before their second winter. 

We focus on beef quality and the health benefits that GrassFed Beef provides.  We keep all of the families that we feed in the front of our mind each day.  

Regenerative Ranching is how we raise our cattle.  We focus on improving the land and sequestering carbon.  We believe that raising cattle on the rolling hills of Southern Iowa is the best way to care for the land and raise Healthy.HAPPY.Beef.

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