Frequently Asked Questions

Who ~IS~ EbersoleCattleCo?

We are the Ebersole Family.  Beau, Shanen, Addie, Jo & Wyatt Ebersole.  Shanen and Beau are First Generation Ranchers.  Beau was raised on an small acreage  outside of Sterling, IL.  Shanen was raised a horse girl outside Des Moines.  We met at ISU.  Shanen was nearly vegetarian and swore that she would "never eat anyone I met".  But as life as a cattleman's wife went on, she decided that we can all do better!  She started with a desire to know that she could provide a better life for her cattle & a better food for families.  Shanen started learning about GrassFed beef & how to grow better grass.  The rest is history.  She loved that finishing their own beef allowed Beau to breed any color of Maine-Anjou he wanted.   Because Sale Barns only want black cattle & we believe in keeping (red & white) Fullblood Maine Anjou genetics are important.

Over the last 25 years, we have grown to harvest nearly all of our calves as beef for families like yours.  Our herd has grown into Champion Maine-Anjou Bloodlines, and our children have grown into amazing Ranchers.  Addie has returned to the ranch to help care for our show cattle, Jo supervises our poultry and horse operation and Wyatt is our chief repairman & welder!

What Type of Cattle Do we Raise?

We raise Maine-Anjou Cattle.  We have one of the largest Fullblood Maine Anjou herds in the nation.  Fullblood Maine Anjou cattle are a very small heritage breed with less than 100 head registered each year.   Fullbloods are Red and White cattle that are extremely docile mama cows.  They are long bodied, so they have more steaks per animal and they grow great on our native pastures of Southern Iowa.  Anjou Beef is also known for its depth of flavor!  It is a delicacy on many east coast 5 star restaurant tables.  

How do I purchase ECC Beef?

We offer many options for you to feed your family amazing ECC Grassfed Beef.

Small Bundles are a great way to taste the flavor and feed your family for a month.

The best value is to purchase a Quarter or Half Beef for your family!  We offer Bulk Beef Sales 3 times a year.  We usually sell out quickly, so make sure you're on our email list to know all the details!

Why GrassFed Beef?

1st - Its better for the cattle.  We care for our cattle on native pastures & keep them there all year.  In the winter, we offer hay that is rolled out on our grass.  This adds natural fertilizer to areas that need improvement and feeds our cattle in new areas each day.  The beef calves live with their mothers and learn to eat hay as they grow through the winter.  Then, they are weaned onto fresh grass in the spring and finish before the next winter.  This is a natural cycle for the animals and land.  Moving our cattle each day helps heal the land, improve topsoil & provides lots of habitat for wildlife!

2nd - Grassfed beef is higher in Omega 3 fats and is also leaner.  We harvest our beef from 18-24 months to keep them leaner and moderate tender steaks.

3rd - There is NO comparison to our amazing Grassfed Ground Beef!  Even most Corn-Fed Beef Lovers prefer our Ground Beef!  Never drain or strain your ground beef again!  You get to eat all that you pay for!

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