It all Started with a box of Hamburger Helper

23 Years Ago, I slowly started to change my entire life with a box of Hamburger Helper.

I grew up in a busy family where my dad worked night shift & mom didn't cook.  Hamburger Helper was a fancy homemade meal on nights when dad was home.

So, as a new wife and mom, I wanted to start cooking.  I wanted to feed my family healthy food & started reading ingredients.  I started with each "flavor" of Hamburger Helper.

With a box in one hand, I started writing the grocery list of "real" food that I would need to replace that box.  It was really intimidating at first to cook from scratch.  Recipes scared me to death!  I could never make my Grandma's Lasagne.  But, I could make Hamburger Helper Skillet Lasagna!  I just needed a tomato sauce, noodles, ground beef, cheese & some ricotta with sour cream!

I could never make Grandma's Cheesy Noodle Casserole, but I sure could make Skillet Mac & Cheese!  Its easy, Ground Beef, Noodles, Cheese & maybe some spices.

These baby steps with a box of Hamburger Helper in one hand have helped me grow into a cook that loves simple one pot meals!

I use recipes like an ingredient list and a suggestion of how I might make something! I'm now a confident cook that uses all real ingredients and rarely walks through the center aisles of the grocery store!  I use meats from our freezer with fresh veggies from Blue Gate Farm, or frozen veggies from the store.  I also an avid canner!!

If you would have told me 24 years ago, that I only use real, local ingredients; I would have thought this was impossible!

I would have had a list of excuses a mile long.

Start with where you are.

Start with local, whole ingredients.

Buy quality food and it will stretch farther than you imagine.

Cook an extra portion and freeze for a lunch or leftovers.

You CAN cook real meals for your family in 20 minutes!  That's why our lean ground beef is so popular!

You WILL be amazed that you don't have to drain or strain any fat from our Ground Beef.  We grind the best steaks into the most amazing SteakBurger Ground Beef!!!


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