Help!! I've never had a cow in my freezer!

HELP!! I've Never had a Half a Beef in my Freezer!!!

But I want to feel secure in feeding my family Healthy.HAPPY.Beef directly from a RancHer like you!

I hear this a lot when talking to all of you at Farmers Markets.
Never Fear, we have helped lots of families fill their freezers!

Are you new to buying beef in bulk?  
Do you know how much beef you need for your family??
Keep reading, we have all the answers for you!  
We've been helping feed families for years, and have learned all the tips and details you need to know!

What will you get in a quarter beef??

  • About 90-100# of meat in your freezer
  •  25-ish pounds of the highest quality steaks like Rib Eye, New York, Fillet, Sirloin, Flank and Skirt Steaks
  •  30-ish pounds of Roast and Slow Cooker items like Chuck, Rump, Arm, Stew Beef, Fajita Beef and BRISKET
  • 40 ish pounds of lean, flavorful ground beef!
  •  You also get to keep all your bones to make tasty Bone Broth
  • All the healthy organ meats like liver, heart and tongue!
  • Recipes and advice on how to use all your cuts!

What size bundle will work best for my family?

Half - Feeds a Family of 4 for  a year beef 2-3 times/week
Quarter - Perfect for a Family of 2 for a year
Eighth - Works great with limited freezer space or a traveling family of 2
Specialty Bundles - Work well to fill in the gaps or add more of your favorite cuts.
Ground Beef Bundles - Many families with young children will order a quarter or half, and ADD a ground beef bundle to get the best value of what the kids will eat.

When you purchase a larger portion, you receive the most savings, and your beef will store safely in your freezer for 12-24 months.
    ~BUY Local, Beef from a sustainable Rancher!~
​When you reserve your beef in advance you Vote to keep more land in grass!  You vote to balance our ecosystem and have more wildlife habitat!  

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