Cow Parade - aka THE COWS ARE OUT!!!

 Have you ever seen a cow parade?

Unfortunately last week we witnessed an unplanned cow parade at the ranch...

After a long week in Ft Worth, we checked cows quickly in the morning & then went in the house for a nap because we drove all night to get home at 5 am.

My alarm went off at 3pm to go feed cows.

I let the dogs outside & they started barking!!  An alarm bark!

I look out the front door & ALL the cows were having an angry parade from across the road to my front door!  Thank you dogs for letting me know...  The cows were Haaannngry because we were an hour late...

Everyone jumped up & rushed outside.  The cows walked themselves into the alley by the house.  So, I hopped in the buggy (UTV).  Grabbed some alfalfa cubes & started beeping that horn.  

Whew!  ~never ever honk a horn around here unless you want to hear all the cows MOO at once~

And then we had a wonderful second parade back across the road.  

Hay was fed & Cows were made happy again....

We intentionally start feeding 30 minutes later every day this week, so that we can get to only feed right before dark.  We are thankful the snow has melted & the cows are back to grazing for half the day.

**Did you know that cows will "typically" calve 8-12 hours after their big meal?  Yep, so we plan for later meals & morning calving.

~Shanen - Mama to the Momma Cows at the ECC

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