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SMALL Deposit Quarter Beef

SMALL Deposit Quarter Beef

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NEVER worry about the Grocery Store Meat Again!! Have Ebersole Family RanchRaised Beef filling your freezer!

  • Connecting with your friends and loved ones over delicious home cooked meals
  • Helping heal the the earth with regeneratively sourced beef
  • Peace of mind knowing your beef is coming from a small family owned and operated ranch that absolutely loves what we do and practices regenerative agriculture and works with a humane, family owned butcher
  • A more health-filled life with amazing beef that can fight cancer, build strong bones, boost immunity, plus so many other incredible benefits
  • A stocked freezer with nutrient rich, healthy, and delicious meals for more than a few months
  • No longer making your dinner list for the week before the grocery store, but from what your freezer says you have available

A Quarter Beef is approximately 90 of beef for your freezer.

25% Steaks - Rib Eye, NY Strip, Fillet, Sirloin, Flank & Skirt

30% Roasts & Slow Cook Cuts - Chuck, Brisket, Rump, Short Ribs, Fajita Beef & Stew Beef

45% Ground Beef

Place your small deposit of $340 & pay the remaining $1200 before delivery.  $1540 total cost of your beef, cut, wrapped and delivered to your door.  We will accept any payment plan as long as your total is paid in full before time of delivery.

Pricing includes processing costs & delivery to the Des Moines Metro area.

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Delicious and Nutritious Grassfed Beef

  • Grassfed and Finished
  • Born & Raised on our Family Ranch in Iowa
  • Healthy.HAPPY.Beef
  • GrassFed Beef is shown to be higher in essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Regeneratively Raised to increase carbon sequestration and wildlife habitat.
  • I don't eat meat, but I make sure that my family eats the healthiest meat we can find.  And that is Ebersole Beef.  My son won't eat anything else!!

    - Tania

  • We have enjoyed the convenience of a freezer full of food. It is easier to figure out meals for my family when I have the base for those meals readily available. It is a larger, one-time expense that needs to be planned for but makes grocery bills less expensive over the year. The beef itself is great quality. Good beef comes from happy cattle in my mind and Ebersole beef is good beef. I prefer the grass fed but have also enjoyed grass finished in the past. I would recommend it to anyone and in fact have had friends and family both buy from Ebersole in bulk. In conclusion. Everyone should try a freezer full of beef!
    - Valarie

  • The best tasting beef I have ever eaten. I feel good knowing Shanen & her family take such great care of their animals.
    - Rachel B


  • Free shipping! To the 10 States in the Midwest!
  • $40 shipping for all other orders across the Continental US.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the beef cut?  

Dry Aged and hand cut by our Artisan Butchers, we have worked over the past 15 years to develop cuts that work for most busy families and have the most steaks available from each beef.

What breed are your cattle?

Maine-Anjou Beef, a heritage breed with champion bloodlines in our herd. Maine Anjou Beef are prized for their superior beef FLAVOR and quality. The Cows are quiet and gentle, making them great for everyone to handle and show.

Where are you located?

All our cattle are raised on our Ranch in Southern Iowa, near Mt.Ayr